Truth About Astrology

Truth of Astrology


We take birth to clear out our past karma and this fixes our life road path as G.P.S route. By analysing this, we can know our life road condition as smooth/rough, blind turns, humps and dumps and smooth highway on time axis. All events of life lie on this road at different time normally fixed by Mahadasa/antardasa. These create circumstances (Paristhiti). Besides this we do present karma which is mainly regulated by transit. Event is based on these two forces due to past karma (fixed) and present karma (variable). Thus, we can modify our life to some extent.

We are as vehicle moving on this road. Vehicle is made up of three levels as physical ruled by five elements (mars to Saturn denoting different tatwa), mental level ruled by moon and causative/soul ruled by Sun. By judging all these, we can predict something. We have to take integrated approach considering houses, planets, signs and nakshtra and I call these four pillars of Astrology. For better understanding watch live courses.


This website is devoted to provide scientific and Logical analysis keeping in view our Vedic structure in the areas of teaching, prediction and discussions. We use software only for charts and mathematical calculations but prediction is based on our logic, experience (>50 years) and knowledge. Our aim is to provide logical remedies if at all needed and for that thorough horoscope analysis is done. This site is not intended for immediate quick predictions as usually based on software but we devote much time on horoscope analysis.

“I stumbled upon the astrology website Astro Kohli Astrology and I am so glad I did. The website offers a wide range of services from daily horoscopes to in-depth natal chart readings. What I love about this website is the accuracy and detail of the predictions and analysis provided. The astrologers are truly gifted and have an in-depth understanding of the subject. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I highly recommend Astro Kohli Astrology for anyone looking for a reliable and professional astrology service.”

Manali Joshi

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