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1. Basic Astrology

This course provides fundamental knowledge of Astrology with scientific approach. Topics included are –
a. Introduction to Vedic Astrology.
b. Exploration of Houses.
c. Exploration of Zodiac signs.
d. Exploration of Planets.
e. Exploration of nakshtra & their padas.


2. Pre prediction course-

There are various parameters required for prediction. This course explains all relevant parameters with logical explanation and approach for their use in prediction. These are-
a. Karakas
b. Tatwa
c. Sarvastak, Bhinnastak & Prastak.
d. Dasa Antardasa.
e. Transit of Planets.


3. Prediction Technique-

This course explains in depth analysis for following areas.
a. Health & longevity
b. Life Path
c. Education
d. Career/ Profession
e. Marriage & affairs
f. Progeny/children
g. Travels & settlement
h. Scientific remedies
i. Miscellaneous

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Manali Joshi

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