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Life Path

We are born for some purpose in life based on our past karma. This profile covers following major points in analysis. 1. Road path of life. 2. Road life condition as we may face like smooth/rough and when? 3. Glimpse of past karma responsible for this Road life. 4. Our strength/ weakness during travel on this Road life. 5. Our sources of guidance in this life. 6. Ways to tackle speed breakers in life.

Health Profile

Health is prime profile and is basic essential to proceed in life for any activity as all other profiles are affected by this. We analyse Health profile for following parameters. 1. Physical health and root cause for these. 2. Analysis of afflicted organ causing disease on time axis. 3. Any karmic disease and its chances of cure. 4. Mental health and its impact on body. 5. Accidents /surgery etc if any and when? 6. Scientific and logical remedies if any. 7. Important information if any.

Education Profile

It is essential for parents as well as students know his natural inclination towards study. This profile is analysed for following parameters. 1. Inherent capability of child for education. 2. Desire to study and required environment. 3. Manner of study best suitable. 4. Subject/stream that suits best for job/business when child completes education. 5. Level of education and ability to acquire degrees. 6. Any distractions during study period such as Love traps, drugs, bad company and home environment etc. 7. Aptitude to clear competitive examinations. 8. Scientific remedies for education focus, obstacle removal and success.

Career / Profession Profile

Career is main pillar on which all our life depends as it is source of wealth. Under this profile, we examine following points. 1. Job or Business? If business alone or in partnership? 2. Level of income via profession. 3. Obstacles and smooth periods in profession. 4. Change of profession and place change possibility. 5. Transfer/suspension/promotion etc. in job. 6. Suitable field of Business. 7. Job in country or in foreign land. 8. Professional working environment. 9. Remedies to improve professional life if at all needed.

Marriage & Relationships

Marriage is main milestone in life to fulfil our physical & mental needs. 1. Marriage or no marriage? 2. Timing of marriage. 3. Quality of marriage as Happiness index. 4. Likely Characteristics of spouse. 5. Any possibility of conflict or divorce. 6. Possibility of remarriage if exists. 7. Likely affairs post marriage. 8. Suggestions to improve relationship.

Progeny/ Children

Children are source for carrying out our generation and keep family lineage moving. Many of us may not have child and may feel its deep impact on life. This analysis requires details of male & female both. specially females. In this profile, we analyse following points. 1. Probability of getting child. 2. Judging seed (semen) quality and field (female) for germination of child. 3. I.V.F or any medical intervention needed in typical cases. 4. Own or adopted child. 5. Effective & tested remedies in case there is less probability of getting child. 6. Important findings based on couple Horoscopes.

Wealth & Assets

Wealth, money, property etc. are essential parts of life. In this profile, we judge following points. 1. Sources of getting wealth & when. 2. Level of money high or low. 3. Property or house possibility & when. 4. Loss of wealth or property. 5. Suggestions to improve financial condition. 6. Read Wealth & Assets profile in sample prediction.


Travels can be associated due to earning or enjoyment mainly. In this profile, we analyse following points. 1. Travels for earning. 2. Foreign travels and purpose. 3. Settlement abroad. 4. Educational travels for study. 5. Any other travel related query.

Match making

1. probability of particular person being as spouse. 2. Physical matching & satisfaction. 3. Mental matching & Happiness index. 4. Karmic matching. 5. Guna matching & its impact. 6. Any major event influencing married life within 5
years of marriage. 7. Good & bad periods in married life. 8. Remedies if any to avert misfortune.

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